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You can get copies of our maps from various sources; there are no copyrights on the originals anymore. But you will not find finer reproductions of them anywhere. We have carefully restored the maps to their original beauty so they can be enjoyed as Mr. Martenet intended: without the imperfections brought on by the ravages of time. The vibrancy of the colors and the details are without peer, and we have no hesitation in recommending them for prominent display.

Make no mistake: in their original format these are large maps, intended to decorate a good-sized wall. Because of this, we offer reduced sizes of the maps to accomodate smaller walls. There is a trade-off in doing this, of course: names are harder to read.

But in the original size the reaction of most people is, "Wow!"

Cecil County (1858)
Howard County (1860)
Kent County (1860)
Anne Arundel County (1860)
Prince Georges County (1861)
Carroll County (1862)
Montgomery County (1865)
Baltimore City (1872)
Harford County (1878)

We print the maps with archival inks on heavy museum-quality paper. They are not without their visual defects, as befitting documents 150 years old, but those defects have been reduced to the point where they are not apparent except upon very close examination. But don't take our word for it; click on any of the maps above to view the detailed information concerning the map, and view a close-up of part of the map. We can confidentally say that there are no finer reproductions of these maps anywhere.

We have to. After all, it's our name on them!

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