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Official Government Records


Colonial Maryland Records (1632-1776) Published by the Maryland Historical Society under the auspices of the state government, this series of books constitutes most of the earliest volumes of the "Archives of Maryland."
Appellate Case Reports (1800-1850) Here are our copies of the early published appellate court decision volumes of the Maryland Court of Appeals
1850 Report on the conditions of the Baltimore and Susquehanna Railroad, by Thomas P. Chiffelle and Alex. I. Bouldin in obedience to an order of the House, February 25, 1850.
Report of J. Thomas Scharf, Commissioner of the Land Office of Maryland, from December 1, 1885 to January 1, 1888. These reports outline the activities and duties of the Land Office along with sketches of the natural resources of the state.
Report covering the period December 1, 1888 to January 1, 1890
Report covering the period December 1, 1890 to January 1, 1891
1898 Report on Re-locating and Re-marking the Boundary between Maryland and Virginia, by Thos. S. Hodson and Benj. T. Gunter, Commissioners. This is the part of the boundary threading through Tangier Sound.
1898 Public General and Local Laws of Maryland Relating to Highways Published by the Maryland Geological Survey, this pamphlet aggregates the highway laws in effect in 1898.
1909 Report on the Re-survey of the Maryland-Pennsylvania Boundary Perhaps the most comprehensive, yet readable report ever published of the dispute between the Calverts and the Penns over their common boundary and the many survey efforts spawned in consequence of it. Published by the Pennsylvania state government but approved by both states.
1982 NOAA (National Ocean Survey) Report on Surveys of Delaware-Maryland Boundaries Detailed report outlining the history of the boundaries and the remonumention carried out by the federal government in 1961-62 and 1974-1977.
1985 Maryland Tax Map Index Sheets Here are the key sheets for the tax maps covering all the counties of Maryland. We used these maps to develop the active grid used in our geo-referencing.


Baltimore City Ordinances and Resolutions (1797-2008). Here are the published books containing the ordinances and resolutions of the city since its incorporation. Also included in many of the older volumes are reports by the various city agencies of their operations for the year.
1908 Ordinance relating to changes in Street Names. Triggered by the streetcar expansion and the confusion as to where cars were headed, this ordinance addressed the many duplications of street names across the city by renaming hundreds of streets.
The following volumes contain transcriptions of the minutes of the city commissioners who were charged with governing the town, paving and repairing streets, settling property disputes between neighbors, etc.

First Records of
Baltimore Town
and Jones Town

Records of the
Special Commissioners

Records of the
City Commissioners

Records of the City

Records of the Eastern
Precincts Commissioners
(1812-1817) & Western
Precincts Commissioners
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In conjunction with the adjudication of property lines, the decisions concerning property locations, termed "establishments" were recorded and, unless appealed, became final locations binding on the parties and on their successors in title. Here are SJMs transcriptions of those decisions:

Establishments by the City Commissioners West of Jones Falls
Book 1 (1783-1827)
Book 2 (1827-1869)
Establishments by the City Commissioners East of Jones Falls
Book 3 (1810-1855)
Book 4 (1856-1889)
Recognizing that there can be a fine line between information and propaganda, here are two volumes in one binding of the Baltimore Municipal Journal (1915-1917), published semi-monthly between 1913 and 1931 by the city, generally reporting on all the wonderful things with which the city government then occupied itself.
Baltimore County Road Books. The Baltimore County Commissioners, from 1829 through about 1916, kept records of their road openings and closings in ledger books. They document the origin, width, location and status of hundreds of roads within what is now Baltimore City, Baltimore County and Carroll County. We scanned those books and here they are.

Indices and Compilations (Specific to Baltimore)

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1873 The Monumental City, its Past History and Present Resources, by George W. Howard
1894 Practical Points for Conveyancers, by L. M. Duvall containing information as to the changes in the names of streets in Baltimore City from early times to the present; references to plats on file; deeds of partition, distribution of estates, tracts, calls in old deeds, old lines, etc., etc.
1895 Baltimore City, Maryland, by George W. Engelhardt. A picture book of the institutions and players of the city. Produced by the Board of Trade.
1899 Art Work of Baltimore, Maryland, published by the Gravure Illustration Company. Another picture book of scenes in and around the city.
1903 Baltimore City Street Index, by George W. McCreary. An index to the Ordinances and Resolutions (1797 to Sept. 1900) affecting the opening, closing, widening, naming, paving, grading, etc., of the streets, alleys, lanes, roads, wharves, docks, parks, railroads, railways, sewers, etc., in the City of Baltimore. Also, the Acts of Assembly (1732 to 1900) referring to the same; the Land Records of the Mayor and City Council; together with the plats and Street books in the office of the City Librarian, City Engineer, Topographical Survey, Harbor Board, and Commissioners for Opening Streets, as well as data from other sources.
1903 McCreary's Street Supplement. No matter how hard one tries, after publication of a book, errors and omissions come to light.
1908 Public Corporations of Baltimore City, by Charles Pielert, A Compilation of the Public and Private Grants of Rights, Franchises, Easements, Privileges and Immunities to the Various Public Service Corporations Engaged in the Public Utilities of Baltimore City, compiled at the instance of W. Cabell Bruce, Esq., City Solicitor by Authority of an Ordinance of the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore Approved May 21, 1906.
1918 Greater Baltimore 1918, by Samuel S. Field. The 1918 Expansion of the Baltimore City Limits. Here are the arguments, in book form, for the proposed annexation to the city of 52 square miles of Baltimore and Anne Arundel Counties, together with the Court of Appeals decision upholding its legality.
Real Property Transactions by the Mayor and City Council. These volumes, maintained by this firm prior to 1916, attempted to document all the real property transactions of the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore.


Index of Records, Plats, Atlasses and Miscellaneous Drawings at the Baltimore City Archives
Baltimore City Directories (1799-???). Here are the published city directories listing the residents alphabetcally with their street address and, in most cases, their occupation.


1876 City Atlas of Baltimore and Environs by G.M. Hopkins
1877 City Atlas of Baltimore and Environs, Volume 2 by G.M. Hopkins
1877 Atlas of Baltimore County, Maryland by G.M. Hopkins
1896 Atlas of Baltimore City by G.W Bromley & Co.
1898 Atlas of Baltimore County by G.W Bromley & Co.
1906 Atlas of the City of Baltimore by G.W. Bromley & Co.
1915 Atlas of Baltimore County by G.W. Bromley & Co.


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1879 Biographical Cyclopedia of Representative Men of Maryland and the District of Columbia
1912 History of Maryland, by J. Thomas Scharf. This is Scharf's 3-volume history of the state, generally well-regarded by historians.

Volume I

Volume II

Volume III
1914 Distinguished Men of Baltimore and of Maryland "The chief aim, however, is to put into the reference libraries of American publishers reproductions in half-tone recent photographs of men prominent in the commercial, professional, official, political and social activity of the state of Maryland."
1927 The Early History of Highway Transportation in Maryland, by A.W. Greenwood. A short monograph by a student at the University of Maryland.
1928 The History of the Turnpike Roads in Maryland, by Harry D. Cashell. A short monograph by a student at the University of Maryland.


1833 Annals of Baltimore, by Thomas W. Griffith
One of the earliest histories of Baltimore.
1841 Annals of Annapolis, by David Ridgely
An early history of the state capital.
1874 The Chronicles of Baltimore, by J. Thomas Scharf
The well-known and often-cited history of the city by Scharf.
1881 History of Baltimore City and County, from the earliest period to the present day, by J. Thomas Scharf. Building on his earlier efforts, Sharf now includes information pertaining to the city and county gleaned from the Sunpapers and from other newspaper sources throughout the county.
1882 History of Western Maryland, by J. Thomas Scharf. "Being a history of Frederick, Montgomery, Carroll, Washington, Allegany and Garrett Counties from the earliest period to the present day."

Volume I

Volume II
1897 Genealogy and Biography of Leading Families of the City of Baltimore and Baltimore County containing portraits of many well known citizens of the past and present...
1898 History of Baltimore, Maryland from its founding as a Town to the Current Year 1729-1898, Shepherd, H.E., editor. We are not sure of the story behind this volume, but it contains many biographies of prominent residents as well as the history of the city.
1899 Financial History of Baltimore by J.H. Hollander, Ph.D
1901 History of Harford County, Maryland from 1608 to 1812 by Walter W. Preston
1902 A History of the City of Baltimore, its Men and Institutions with Biographical Sketches of Leading Citizens by The Baltimore American
1905 Founders of Anne Arundel and Howard Counties, Maryland, by J.D. Warfield. A Genealogical and Biographical Review from wills, deeds and church records.
1912 Baltimore, Its History and Its People, Edited by Claton Colman Hall. This history organizes the material both by subject and chronologically, and includes extensive biographies of prominent citizens.

Volume I - History
Volume II - Biography
Volume III - Biography
1915 History of Talbot County, Maryland, Volume 1, by Oswald Tilghman
1925 Revised History of Dorchester County, Maryland, by Elias Jones
1928 Canton Days: the first hundred years or so,
by the Canton Company of Baltimore
An informal history of the well known development firm.
1933 Anne Arundel Gentry: a Genealogical History of Twenty-two Pioneers of Anne Arundel County, Md. and their descendants, by Harry Wright Newman.
1960 A History of Calvert County, Maryland, by Charles Francis Stein

Legal Commentaries and Treatises

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Specific to Maryland

1808 The Land-Holders Assistant and Land Office Guide, by John Kilty "being an exposition of original titles, as derived from the proprietary government, and more recently from the state of Maryland; designed to explain the manner in which such titles have been, and may be, acquired and completed." Note that our subsidiary, Martenet Press, offers a fine 745-page hardcover re-publication (not a reprint) of this book. You should have it on your bookshelf. All the cool kids have one.
1899 Highway Legislation in Maryland and its influence on the Economic Development of the State, by St. George Leakin Sioussat, a dissertation presented to the Board of University Studies Johns Hopkins University for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.
1913 The Land System in Maryland 1720-1765, by Clarence P Gould. Part of the Johns Hopkins University Studies in Historical and Political Science.

General Real Estate

1868 Angell on Highways, Second Edition. A classic work on ways--streets, highways, alleys, etc., often cited by the courts.
1880 The Law of Easements, by John Leybourn Goddard. An American edition of the learned English treatise.
1898 Jones on the Law of Easements, by Leonard A. Jones.
1911 The Law of Roads and Streets, by Byron K. and William F. Elliott.

Volume I

Volume II
1916 A Treatise on the Law of Easements, Ninth Edition, by Charles James Gale. The famous English treatise on the subject.
1920 Tiffany on Real Property and Other Interests in Land, by Herbert Thorndike Tiffany. One of the texts most cited by Maryland courts in addressing real property questions.

Volume I

Volume II

Volume III